Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Colorado Fun

It has been a fun visit with John and his family- this Colorado visit was the original catalyst for this epic trip, and a very good idea it was!
Jade is 9, Orion 7 and Rune will be 2 later this month. We all went to the Wild Animal Sanctuary on Sunday and enjoyed ourselves despite the sprinkles and what felt like gale force winds. (We found out later that there had been a tornado warning nearby) It is mainly for rescued large carnivores, and you walk on an elevated walkway between the large enclosures. This doesn't affect the animals the way it does when people walk along a fence, they've learned, and indeed, the animals didn't seem to notice us at all. It also gave us a better view than ground level would have. At one point a group of wolves started howling, an eerie sound so close.

Rune was smiling until the wind blasted his face.
Today John and I got a chance to babysit while John and Alison ran errands, then we all enjoyed the rest of a beautiful day.

It was sad saying goodbye tonight but we are taking some great memories with us. Off to US70 tomorrow and the dreaded Rockies crossing! Las Vegas to visit Karen and Tom, then to Ian in San Francisco.

                                                  Westward Ho!

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