Tuesday, June 10, 2014

To Utah

Oy. This was a long day,driving from Longmont to Moab Utah. Fun fact: when I talked about Moab, John thought it was an acronym, and was surprised to find himself in a town of that name. But that was the end of the day.

When I proposed this trip, and John eventually bought in to the idea, he left the planning to me. I expected that, but not quite the extent of his trust. He knows the rough outline of the trip, but is constantly, almost irritatingly surprised by the daily details.(not really annoyed, not like I would have been had he not let me do the planning-I just thought he was listening when I talked about it)

Anyway, I knew he did not want to drive over any huge bridges, scary mountain roads or go over Hoover Dam. Funny, I used to have those issues and he didn't, so it's a good thing that we decide to exchange neuroses instead of both of us having the same problems.  This meant that when John asked about the Rockies, I reassured him without giving details. I did check with Colorado John about the best road, and US70 was chosen, after asking Kelly about her drive last summer.

After two days of looking at snow-covered mountains from our motel room, John asked just exactly how were we getting from CO to CA? After a lot of reassurances and hand waving descriptions, we agreed that he would drive to where the road started heading up, then I would take over. And that is why I drove up,over and back down the Rocky Mountains, under the speed limit and appreciating the wide shoulders and the relative lack of traffic, while John played solitaire and tried not to look out the windows. I must admit he did tackle the cell phone camera and took some pictures of the amazing scenery.

He even managed a selfie, along with half a dozen shots of his knee.

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