Friday, January 15, 2010

Because I know you want to know

J figured I was recovered enough from my "nearly lethal dose of stupid" (as he told Shoeshine today) on Wednesday that he could laugh at how silly I was.  It wasn't that bad though, just several -ok, many- times I asked him how long he had been sitting with me, etc. I was awake enough to tell the helpful nurse that she wouldn't be able to zip my coat, and I was right. There's a trick to it and I did it just fine, thank you very much.  I don't remember walking out to the car afterwards, though.

Given a choice (and I was) I'll take sleeping through a dental procedure, although I do hate not being in control of myself. Which is why I don't drink often, or much when I do. And probably why I don't dance very well. I realize that my perception that others notice/care what I do is blown way out of proportion (hello, social anxiety) but I like to stay below the radar. J has a more 'normal' and dare I say, healthy, attitude about public opinion and it's too bad that our offspring didn't get a bigger dip in his gene pool there.

No matter, that's over and done with little pain and no embarrassment. As I walked in I did see a young man earnestly telling his companion "that Dr. is really nice, really". At least at the dentist, there's a good chance that your mouth will be full of gauze so that cuts down on the chances of saying something too silly.

I like to remind J of the time he was waiting to go home after a procedure in the hospital and the nurse came in to check on him. She told us he was free to go, whereupon J flung back his sheet, ready to leave. We convinced him that he really should leave wearing the same amount of clothing that he'd come in with. With that as my standard, I'm very happy with my post-op behavior so far.


knitwit said...

When I got my wisdom teeth out at the age of 27, I woke up in a room with a guy who'd had the same procedure, his wife and their baby over on the next bed. I don't know what came over me because I'm not at all outgoing, but I just started babbling away at them about how cute their baby was. They couldn't get a word in edgewise and I kept referring to the baby as "she". It was only as they were leaving the room that I realized the baby was dressed from head to toe in blue...

Linda said...

It could have been worse, lucky you thought the baby was cute!