Monday, January 11, 2010

Chicken Acquisition- Check!

It was a successful weekend here (if you leave out the Patriots game, which was successless, or just sucked), what with the pipe repair and then the trip to get the last 4 hens home Sunday.

It was a nice day for a ride through new territory for us. Yes, we've been to Turner before, almost more times than I can count on both hands. But, that's over a 20 year time span, and we forget the right turns sometimes. It's 50/50 who remembers the way, and whether we take it, so there's no blame. In fact, years ago our kids would get nervous and ask if we knew where we were, as we backed up another dead end camp road in the woods. "Of course, we're not lost. It's just a new way of getting there" Pshaw! Did we ever not make it home again?


We have two options for getting to Karen's house (ha, well, it turns out we have at least 3 now) One works better for going, since we have that one down cold, and the other one is a little bit shorter, but we have to catch that sharp left right after the bridge.  We thought we would go the coming back way as a change.
Note to self: each town apparently has a River Road, and they don't end up in the same place.

Score(if one were keeping it)- J had the right road, too bad we took my suggestion. Which worked, but was about 10 minutes longer, but circled around a skinny lake/fat river and came over a ridge with wonderful views. We could see Mt Washington in the distance, but sadly it doesn't show up well in the photo. It's right in the middle, trust me.

Coming from the north, we worried that it was too cold to have that friendly old man waving to us from his front yard at the turn, but we recognized his house anyway.

As we were heading north and looking for a left hand turn, I thought of that old punchline "You can't get there from here".  It makes perfect sense in Maine. We have so many lakes, rivers, bogs and streams that there are not too many direct paths anywhere.  What could be a 10 minute drive  (as the crow flies) from our Dr's office to the pharmacy in the next town ends up being 25 minutes because there is a lovely lake in between. Central Maine probably has at least a decent sized pond dotted around every 5 miles or so.

See? And those are just the biggest ones that show up. So, in most cases ( I am not willing to say all) you can get to where you want to be, it just might take a different route and longer than you expected.

Hmm, that came out unexpectedly philosophical, so I will end here.

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