Thursday, January 28, 2010

No rhythm, but a great routine

I start every day pretty much the same way, and that's the way I like it. Same breakfast for more than 40 years. I know, that sounds terribly boring but bran flakes and orange juice start me off with a nice layer of comfort that lasts for hours. A shower, breakfast with the newspaper, then I check my email. I like my routine.

Boomer is changing my routine, or trying to.

The dogs have their own routine, which of course involves me. Me getting up at @6:00, when Boomer whines from his crate, to feed them a dribble of kibble and put them out in the yard. I go back to bed, and they stay out until I get up, 2-4 hours later. (I am trying to change 20 years of night owl hours, but it is slow going)

I shower, they come inside and nap, while I eat and read. The problem comes when I hear a low rumbling growl behind my seat at the computer. Ignoring it causes the sound level to rise, and the grumbler to circle around in front of me. As soon as I make eye contact, Boomer barks happily and bounces in the air.

He has decided I can have a half hour to read email and check blogs. I know he doesn't have a watch, but it's 30 minutes every time.  Not long enough, dog.

I've got people to check up on, a growing list of interesting, funny, touching stories to read, writers to envy, pictures to look at, peeping in on other folk's lives and  following up on other people's problems and cheering their victories. My kind of social life!

Tomorrow is my one year blogiversary, but I will be traveling to help Ms M and Mr C with the move to their new house, so won't be posting then. When I started this, I thought it would be just a fun way to write down thoughts etc, just for me. And it is. I amuse myself.  But it's also been a nice surprise lurking reading other blogs and I think that keeps me coming back online here just as much as mine does.

(I'll get up early enough tomorrow to leave an hour for my morning routine, but Boomer will be very unhappy when his is changed)

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