Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warning- Watch Out

Weatherbug just interrupted my Blogger reading with an alert. Both a winter storm warning and watch showed up. I always get confused about them, but thanks to the time stamps I figured this one out.

We already have 2 of the 1-3 inches the warning says we might get today. The watch was just issued and says "more plowable snow on the way".  Another 5-9 inches overnight- we are in the sweet spot this year for snowfall, it seems.

J left work early yesterday and we both cleared the driveway and stairs, timing it pretty well, so that the snowfall ended as we finished up. I had the blower, and J tackled the snow dumped on the steps. He stopped me to suggest that I get my camera and take a picture of the snow blower to show his brother, who had called earlier about buying one.

Knowing he had pictures of the machine already, I nodded and kept on going. Buddy, if I walk back to the shed and through to the house, I'm not coming back out! Later, when I pointed this out to J, he said he wanted a picture of him using the blower, so he could show off how far it throws the snow. 

Then I felt bad that I didn't indulge him, so I didn't point out that anyone knows how a snowblower works and what it looks like in action. Looks like I'll get a chance to redeem myself tomorrow though.

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