Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

You were supposed to read that title in your head with a booming announcer voice. Maybe it was just local, but last year there was some annoying (car, I think?) ad where the voiceover repeated the 3 Sundays a lot!  Okay, moving on.

The snow has sort of stopped, after beginning to fall on Thursday. (Today is Sunday in case you missed that)  J had gone out periodically to clear the driveway, but overnight we got a good foot more, so I had to go help too.

First J used the snowblower to get the paper.


He had to go out from the shed since there was too much snow on the steps to open the door. I made a path to the steps and he shoveled while I used the machine.

It's done now, and if those little flurries would stop, we would be happy. It was good timing though, we had a 3 day weekend to stay indoors and clean up at our leisure. I was supposed to work Saturday, but did not- that was when the heaviest snow and wind started. What?  The weather people told me to stay home!

Now, to shower and watch the Patriots game.

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