Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One less tooth to brush

Did I mention I was having a tooth removed?  Well, that was this morning and it's gone. One molar and an hour of my life that I'll never get back.

That little devil pretended 2 years ago that if I gave it a gold crown it would behave itself. Than I find out it's all happy smiles on the surface and infecting me way down at the roots, right on top of that nerve running out to my lip that occasionally goes numb. Hah, well, I showed it- no more money for you- you're outta here.

J was nice enough to let me shove into his Net-flix lineup and get Julie and Julia to watch tonight, interrupting his Tour of Duty marathon. He even sat down to watch it with me, though he was just being nice. I reminded him that he liked Julia Child, but he clearly thought that I was still under the influence. He did stay the course(ha) and even asked me if I agreed it got a 5 star rating. I did.

The most amazing thing happened during the film, something I never thought to hear him say.  It was in the scene where Julie's husband has subdued the pot of lobsters for her and she is showing her gratitude.  J calls out  "No, no, don't overcook the lobsters. That's more important than sex!"

J took the day off to take me to the oral surgeon, did the dishes, and let me sit in his recliner all afternoon. Tomorrow, he's promised to let me know all the funny things I said to him coming out from the anesthesia. Can't wait.

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