Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brand new sink pipe! Woohoo!

Yeah, so that's not so exciting, is it?  I tried.  It was an unplanned purchase however, so that's a little exciting. No? Well, then, the rest of this is going to to be pretty darn boring for you.

I finally remembered to get vinegar and baking soda to put down my sluggish bathroom sink. Not only is that less caustic than the commercial drain cleaners, I usually have the stuff around, plus, it's fun to make the little geyser foam up out of the drain. So today was the day to get that done. 

Nice little foaming action going on, so rinse with hot water and plunge. And plunge. And again. Usually that works like a charm, but not today.  We tried snaking it, and J decided that the trap needed to be removed, which he did with no problem. Then I got to take over because as anyone knows, handling ooky things in the house is a woman's job. (J and my brothers-in-law used to tell us "your hands are made for that"- that being whatever they preferred not to do) (and yes they knew better than to say it and mean it).

Scooped what I could, then put a little baking soda and vinegar down as a chaser, which immediately backed up all over the floor. J pointed out that the top part was solidly filled as well, so I started probing there. Oops, that broke off and J acted like it was my fault- I shouldn't have used the coat hanger, I should have used the stem of the spoon??? Like that wouldn't have broken it too? The pipe was ancient. Did you want to do this, Mr. queasy man?

He made a trip to the hardware store and now we have a nice clean white pipe under our pedestal sink, which looks much nicer than the nasty chrome one anyway. Good job well done.

Tomorrow should be much more interesting, as we go to pick up the 5 hens that missed the last trip.

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