Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It was meant to be

I think I've been pretty good with not complaining (excessively) about going back to work..for a couple of months...part time. So, maybe I didn't have that much to gripe about, after all.

Anyway, Thursday is my last day, and I am down to 5 hour shifts. Before I had finished signing on to all of my systems yesterday, I had a call transferred to me, saying Dr. So and So had specifically asked for me. (I'll just say that we love it when a customer asks for another rep by name, so we have a legal right to transfer that live wire).

The name rang a bell, and not a happy holiday chime either. The good Dr gets on and says do you remember me?  I had a jacket, yadda, yadda, yadda. Yes, indeed I do. Let me just check my notes- FROM LAST APRIL! 

When I retired last year, I had just two files open, and I felt so bad about handing them off, that I couldn't bring myself to dump them and asked my boss to choose who inherited them. Yes, this was one.  Not that he was rude, or nasty, but he was asking for something to be replaced and had no paperwork, receipts, dates, anything that a "reasonable" person would expect a company to ask for.

I checked the computer and indeed, the last updates was that we had not heard back from him with a receipt or date of store visit.  April 30, 2009, that was.  And when was the return made, you ask?  March 2008. Or April or May. 2008.

He nicely reminds me it has been quite a while since he had heard from me, I reminded him that we were waiting to hear from him with a date and/or receipt, and oh by the way, I had retired last April, was just back helping out over Christmas, and this was my last week.

"It was meant to be! You know I've been working on my karma, volunteering and donating, and now look at this! What great timing!"

Apparently, I should have been working on my karma. 

So, he got what he wanted.

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