Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Enjoying the Thaw

Last week I read an article which said January 18 was the most depressing day of the year, according to several surveys and polls, etc. I don't remember any more details, but I find is easy to agree with the choice, although any date in January or February is a real contender!  So, when I spent most of the week doing a lot of reading, and not a whole lot of anything else, I blamed the scientists. They said it, not me- I just went along with the depression.

But!  But, then after a cold, snowy, snowy, period, a sort of tiny miracle happened. Our January thaw arrived. We had lots of rain and wind, and warmer temperatures- up to 48!- and lots of the snow is gone. I no longer need ski poles to traverse my driveway. And look what I saw today:

I don't know why pansy is a slur used to mean wimpy- Look at them, those suckers are tough!  I heart pansies.

Of course, living with J means finding other stuff unexpectedly popping up. This appeared when the snow melted on our bulkhead.
Obviously put there for safekeeping.

Last week, I was worrying about seeing Rosie sitting on a mound of snow that had slid off a shed roof. It was in a corner of the yard, and her head was close to being level with the fence top, which I found had pulled away from the wall. If Rosie had tried leaning on it, she would have been out. But, today, ta da! Threat removed.

You couldn't see that chair 5 days ago. (And please ignore the desperate need for paint)

Last goodie to be seen  now is the great bargain we got on 2 rolls of 6 foot chain link fencing. That will create our chicken wonderland next spring. We'll continue behind the shed, and enclose our raspberry/sumac tangle for the hens to ramble safely.

I know, not too exciting, but $13.00 for each 50 foot roll- that's a heck of a deal, people!  Plus look at the bare ground- under more than 2 feet of snow a week ago.

I crawled out of my dark hole of apathy and danced in the fleeting joy that is the January Thaw. And that's a good thing.


In Real Life said...

Ooooooh, bare ground! You are so lucky...I am wishing for bare ground...and you have pansy's peeking out - wow! On a positive note, I did notice that it was light out for about a half an hour longer today.

Cricket said...

Hi Linda -

Hooray for a thaw. I have a love-hate relationship with winter. I don't think I could live without it, but I don't hate to see it go, either. Of course, you're a few degrees further north of me, so you get it with both barrels.

Thanks so much for your several visits and sorry it's taken me so long to reciprocate. I have vowed to visit everyone who has ever stopped by. So many blogs, so little time... not to mention that pesky old thing called "life" that keeps dragging me away from the computer. ;-)

Always nice to see people who appreciate New England life, in all its glory. Hope to be back soon,

Respectfully Yours,