Sunday, June 29, 2014

O Canada

Our first day in Canada went smoothly,if slowly. Yesterday MI frustrated us with the 55 mph speed limit on its long mostly empty road. Today we were on route 17 and it had a little more traffic and we were able to go a little faster- 90. 90 kmh that is. 56mph. So we amused ourselves with the free French lessons Canada gives travelers.
Some signs have side by side translations while other signs are single and one after the other.

Some signs had only pictures which were usually pretty easy to decipher. Some of those that in the states we usually see in text were the possibilities of icy bridges, falling rocks, and school buses with waving children. 

One that is a little ambiguous is the night danger moose. We're not sure if he is charging, or(my favored explanation) that he is a tiptoeing ninja moose assassin.

John felt confident enough by the end of the day to announce that the sign below was the French symbol for a curve.


Kelly Sheehy said...

Welcome to Canada! :)

knitwit said...

Ha ha--welcome to Canada! Despite our pesky ninja moose problem, I think you'll like it here!