Saturday, June 28, 2014


We arrived at my cousin Steve's house on Friday afternoon and left Sunday morning. In that span of time, he and his wife Lisa showed us around the area,including a local park high above the valley and Kalispell, a farmer's market and lunch at a soda fountain at one of the oldest buildings in town, and a trip up to Hungry Horse dam. The highlight was the ride we took into Glacier National Park after supper on Saturday. Seeing the rushing mountain streams, the oh so high mountains still covered with snow on the longest day of the year, and the tall evergreens was an experience we won't forget.

Monday morning we drove into Yellowstone, along with hundreds of others. I don't know why I was surprised to see so many people there, but I was. At least most of them were content to drive as slowly as we did, in hopes of seeing as many animals as we could.

Well, I can't access any pictures from the phone now, and I tried last night and this morning. Got to get driving across more of Wisconsin so will wrap this truncated post up.

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Kelly Sheehy said...

Sounds like a lovely visit. Gorgeous photos! :)