Thursday, March 25, 2010

B*tch slap from Mother Nature

I guess the biting of my thumb yesterday may have been a mistake. The flurries continued all afternoon, but this morning the sun was out and it is relatively mild again. However, don't think Mother Nature is backing down-no, she is just making it so the arctic blast we get tonight is that much more painful. Is it too late to say I'm sorry?

But weather aside, today has been a good day. First and foremost, it's Ms. M's birthday!  Hooray for a daughter who is smart, polite, funny, lovely and chose a great guy to marry. (Not denigrating any of my other kids- it's not your birthday- be quiet).

She sent pictures today of the new fence they just had installed. She is so happy that they can just let their dog out now, and I think Mabel is happy too.

Next, I was able find exactly what I wanted for Ms.M's present, so that was very nice, after the disappointment of my first shopping trip. In the course of my search, I also found a great buy on a snowman kit. It's a nice wooden box, with all you need to build a snowman except the snow. Felt hat and scarf, and wooden carrot, buttons, and pipe. For 17 cents each. Yes, that's right!  J had seen similar kits and though they were great, but we would never have paid full price.  Now, I wish I had gotten more than 3 of them. I was lucky to get that many, since one shopper was filling a cart with them.

 I also dropped off a job application, and filled one out online, which I thought was pretty good, until I came to the second part. I had to take a test, one of those that test your common sense and honesty and social skills, with "strongly agree or disagree", "slightly agree or disagree" and the middle one I love "I'm not sure". 

So everyone knows how to answer those questions, right, and I was scooting right along until I got to the honesty ones. I think anyone who knows me would say I am pretty darn honest, but my problem is that I start thinking too much about the answers.  Do they want me to strongly agree that there is never a good reason to lie? Really, never? I did agree, but then comes "It's all right to tell an occasional white lie" Well, yes it is, if it's "your hair looks good", when it doesn't, so much. 

Telling the truth is just so much easier in the long run. You don't forget what you've told people, or who you've told what to, and the truth always comes around to bite you in the ass anyway. Don't lie, just shut up.

So, I probably messed up the test by thinking too much, although I do think I did okay on the 'best choice/worst choice' of actions to be taken in hypothetical situations. Unless "ask the manager" isn't the right pick all the time. Ha! 

Good thing I'm not going for a manager's job.


In Real Life said...

Mother Nature has been messing with us too - but I think she is starting to warm up and show us some sunshiny love for the next couple of days!
Good luck on your job applications!
I really like your daughter's fence, it's very nice.
Have a super weekend.

Captain Dumbass said...

I've had to do a few of those annoying tests lately.