Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well, we couldn't get Giselle....

I just sent an email to my kids explaining that J was busy painting and prettying up his shed for our company tomorrow, so he did not do his whole St Patrick's Day photo shoot.  Of course, other years I was usually working, so he had no one here to interfere help.

 He came back inside and sighed about no pictures. Then he wondered out loud if the dogs would mind posing in a hat. "Come on, Rosie!" he chortled, and I figured I better grab the camera before he did. He got the hat and I contributed a shamrock doggie kerchief. 

Foreseeing some rowdiness, we went out to the porch, but we totally underestimated Boomer's excitement level about the wearing of the green. Any bystanders would be forgiven for thinking we were running a dog fighting ring, judging by the ferocious snarling coming from our yard. Boomer tends to berate Rosie whenever he thinks she is not cooperating, such as when he walks through the door first, then turns to leap on her because she is not out yet.
Boomer is not biting J, he has a ball in his mouth and he thinks J is stealing it, not trying to get him to face the camera. Totally oblivious to the kerchief, so we tried it on Rosie. Yes, it's a neckerchief, but I think it looks funnier over the ears, like a babushka. Then Boomer was jealous that Rosie looked better than he.

We finally managed to get both "dressed" and in the same shot. I think Rosie looks like she's had a hard night partying! 

She's such a good dog. (That one foot of hers was reaching out to fend off the bad dog).

Anyway, that was the celebration this year.


In Real Life said...

Those photos are priceless! Such sweet funny dogs!

Captain Dumbass said...

You think the dogs are laughing at each other?

henbogle said...

Love the slippers, you gotta have slippers that are outdoor ready in Maine.