Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I read this at In Real Life a week ago, and told her to keep it to herself, and Canada. But no, I just looked up and saw white stuff flying through the air sideways. It's the dreaded flurries and they are here!

And the sun was weakly shining an hour ago.  Oh, I am a sad panda today.

However, I shall pull my cock-eyed optimism out from under the bedclothes and say boldly: "It is 36 degrees outside and snow cannot stick. This is a aberration and shall not prevail. It is spring, darn it!"

*whispers* "It is getting heavier and the hens all ran back to the coop. If I look to the west, the trees are hidden behind a wall of white."

Mother Nature, I shake my fist at you!  I will get all Shakespearean and bite my thumb at you!

(I'll let you know how that goes)


In Real Life said...

Seeing as how we have plenty, I thought that I should share! :) Hopefully, it will melt quickly and leave everything green.

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