Thursday, March 11, 2010

J and Janis

Poor J had some lesions removed from his tongue a few weeks ago, then had to have a little more of the surrounding area taken Tuesday to be tested as a precaution. He went back to work today, and I asked him how he was feeling.

He said this song just kept running through his head:

"I'll say come on, come on, come on, come on, yeah take it!
Take another little piece of my tongue now, doctor."

I didn't see that coming, surprisingly. 

And, along the same note (ta dum dum) what makes that squiggly feeling in your innards when discussing icky things like tongues and knives in the same sentence? I mean, what actually causes that sensation, because everyone seems to get it. Is it some sort of sympathetic primal response? It makes me wonder. 


In Real Life said...

I agree it must be a sympathetic primal response. I sure felt it while reading about his poor tongue. Hope he's feeling better soon.

Elizabeth said...

That's pretty funny!
I've added you to the New England Bloggers list. I hope you have time to visit a few folks and introduce yourself.