Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Treasured Tool

J likes his tools grouped together and displayed just so, but there's only one he doesn't like others to touch.

That would be his left-handed Stanley rule, or tape measure as we non-afficianados would say. J is not left-handed(he probably would have been had the nuns stayed out of it) but likes the tape worn on the left. Although the numbers face away, this way the "little lines" or fractions are closest to him and easy to mark. (J also wears his watch on the 'wrong' wrist, his right, as does Ameranth. They both  can bat on either side as well).

Most tapes have the belt clip attached so they face frontwards on the right side and sadly, Stanley stopped making the left-handed tapes more than 10 years ago. J is very careful of the ones he has left. When we work on a project, heaven help me if  I ask to use the one on his belt- he will fetch another for me. He doesn't actually use it himself except for measurements at work.

The eight tapes on the left are the good kind, however, they have all lost their tension or whatever makes the tape go in and out. They are saved in honor of their meritorious service, and for potential parts, I think.

I tipped over the metal strip they are clipped on by mistake last week and after they all clattered on to the floor, there was a dreadful silence. I remarked that at least they weren't the precious ones, and J said quietly that yes, they were. I felt like I had clubbed a baby seal.

As you can see, we do not have a shortage of actual working tapes to choose from. And these don't include the ones in the house. Or car. Most people have a flashlight in their car- we have a tape measure. You just never know when you might need to measure something.

I've suggested that we might find other left handed tapes made by other companies, but so far, J has resisted that idea. He's worn Stanley tapes for 43 years and doesn't want anything else, dammit!

Faithful is good.


In Real Life said...

Faithful is good. That is a lot of tape measures! My son is left handed and I always wonder why there aren't more left handed products available. Hopefully, J will be able to find another tape measure that he likes.

Captain Dumbass said...

Show this to hubby, he might get a kick out of it.

Linda said...

Thanks, we both enjoyed that video!