Sunday, March 14, 2010

Odds and Ends

Several projects advanced this weekend- not to completion, but a step closer. Speaking of steps, we have moved from planning to acquisition of material for Ms M's and Mr C's replacement steps.  This is what the house came with:
Amazingly they held up during the move of all the large pieces through this porch. They just settled a bit further askew. Oddly, the step tops are hinged. Why? It's a little big to hide a key. Would you store gardening tools there? I wouldn't.We offered to build a new set for them and J was able to score some pressure treated cull wood on Friday.

Saturday we got that last bench built in the shed, and we have power out there now! Not warm enough today to paint the shelves, but it will be soon. Notice the clever spaces left underneath for the shop vac and the kerosene heater to be stored when not in use.

Today, we spent some time spring cleaning the kitchen- the ceiling, the knickknacks above the cabinets, etc. The dusty stuff you don't notice everyday, but you do when company is coming.  And we are having company next week! One of my sisters, #5, and her husband are driving my parents up for a 3 day visit.

My father has been told he will need dialysis in the near future, probably within 6 months, and then travel will become more problematic. He is a bladder cancer survivor, but scarring from several operations have caused his kidneys to slowly fail. One quit years ago, and the other is down to working at about 14% capacity. Apparently the scarring makes an organ donation out of the question. We'll plan on getting them up here once more during the warm weather.

Lastly, Shoeshine sent a picture yesterday that has J green with envy.

I added a picture of J, just to show that he does not need a(nother) St. Patrick's hat. 
 And neither do his ghoulies.


Anonymous said...

I think he should be able to purchase such things. Come on, let J have fun.

In Real Life said...

Cool photos! Looks like fun St. Patrick's Day hats! It will be nice to have company! I need to get cleaning as well as my mother in law is arriving Wednesday.

knitwit said...

Isn't it a great feeling to get some of those jobs done (or at least started!)--those original steps don't look like they're going to hold up for much longer!!
Wishing your dad all the best--I hope his kidneys improve.

Suldog said...

Sorry to hear about Dad. From what you detail, he appears to be a survivor, though, so here's hoping all goes as well as possible. I'll say a prayer as soon as this posts.