Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

It's Monday, it's windy and raining, and that's the good news. Really, it could be snow- we've had major snowstorms in mid-April before, so 46 degrees and sideways flooding is okay.

I was bound and determined not to spend the morning on the computer, but I found I had emails with new Ladyslipper photos. Had to resize and save them, and yes, post a pic.*Many minutes later*  Phooey- Apparently Blogger does not want me to post pictures today.  I am trying not to take this personally. 

Moving on. J has both breakers hooked up in the shed, and we have lights with switches and outlets with power. (The lights have power too) We built the steps we are bringing down to Ms. M next weekend- and I wasn't planning on posting a picture of them yet, so take that, Blogger. We want to totally surprise them with the splendor of the new steps, although anything that is level will be a big improvement from what they have now.

Looking forward to calling Re this afternoon to talk about her son's wedding last Saturday. Her cancer treatment ended a few weeks ago, so she could travel to KY, and I hope she was able to enjoy all the festivities.


In Real Life said...

Blogger is moody like that! :)
I am trying to type one-handed as Holly keeps nudging my left hand to be patted.
I can't wait to see new pics. of LadySlipper.
Hopefully, the rain will clear up soon.
Have a super day!

Linda said...

It was a Blogger glitch, and is better now. The animals don't care if we're busy, do they? They want to be petted no matter what we are doing.