Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gettin' her done

We didn't get the new bench up after all, since we found we didn't have the right size lumber. But we did add a storage shelf to the second bench J had painted, and made a clever support for the chop saw. It is level with the benches on either side, so we can use them for supports while sawing. Great, eh? I saw this in an article.

Still very much a work in progress, but it's getting there. J's moved in a lot of his special racks, etc. to temporary places.

The coffee cans each have a different size screw or nail, all labeled and usually with a sample attached to the outside.
These are the smaller wood and metal screws, nuts and bolts. And yes, those blue boxes on the end are made of cardboard from beer boxes. The smaller boxes inside are made of Prince spaghetti boxes, so the colors match. (J had several layoffs during the 90's and put his downtime to good use. And again yes, I worried about him and his box-making, but it kept him happy)

Oops, I just realized I didn't take any photos of his lights- be right back. 

Over the years, J has saved any number of fixtures that other people have decided were outdated, old or ugly. These have been hanging from the rafters in our old shed, and now are being put to good use. We are definitely cheap packrats environmentally conscious recyclers. Ignore the wiring hanging hither and yon- they are temporary placements while he figures out where he wants them.
(Ha. I just noticed his Kerry/Edwards sign prominently posted here. J collects political bumper stickers and signs, but lets just say this is not one that reflects his opinions. We have a mixed marriage)

J has the wiring all set from our breaker box out to the old shed, through underground conduit to a little breaker box in the new shed.  He just has to run the rest of it inside, meanwhile he is using extension cords.

Let's see, the last fixture is the wood stove that he will have for heat next year. It looks like we'll have to pay for the double-walled stove pipe, which is not something people get rid of. Not in usable condition anyway.  We have our .10 tiles ready anyway. J has it lying on the floor for looks- when we install it, it will probably be built up a little off the floor.

     Looks sort of like a giant bug in this photo. Kind of.

I can't figure out why the old shed doesn't look any emptier yet.


Molly said...

Wow, the stove really does look like a bug!

What is in the picture above it- dare I guess a motley collection of key chains?

Linda said...

You are correct as usual , King Friday.

Suldog said...

Looks like some sort of alien grasshopper.

Even though I'm mostly thumbs, I adore workshops and similar spaces. I guess it probably goes back to hanging with my grandfather while he worked wood (he was very good.)

Captain Dumbass said...

Um... I own a hammer. And one of those multi-head screwdrivers.