Sunday, April 25, 2010

The boys are back in town

Well, one boy to be exact.

Another freebie. J saw the "free roosters" sign driving home from grocery shopping this morning, we grabbed a cat carrier and off we went. I made J go to the door and he was greeted by a big dog, a little dog, and a fluffy cat before an old lady came out to tell him he wouldn't be attacked. He told her if they weren't attacking the chickens right there in the yard, he wasn't worried about them attacking him.
The old lady started towards the rooster and I got out because if she was going to chase down that rooster, she was going to need help, being about 80 and having only one arm that seemed to work. She paused and wondered if she should get her daughter, when the door opened on cue and out came a younger woman. Old Lady said she guessed her granddaughter would do and told her we were there for one of the roosters. Did we want the pretty one, the black one or the red one?  Since the only one in sight was the pretty one, I said that he would do. Besides, who wouldn't want the pretty one?  She said he was a nice one, but they had 3 roosters and 7 hens. For anyone who hasn't had chickens- that is not a good ratio. The roosters will fight and the hens are never left alone.

Young lady went to the barn and came back with baling twine in her hand. Old lady confided that perhaps she was going to lasso the bird, which, while improbable, would surely have been something to see. At this point a middle aged lady ("there's my daughter")  popped out and made the last point in the triangle around the rooster inside a trellis and garden. No one wanted to lunge at him, and they decided to herd him into the barn and corner him there. With very little fuss, they did so and young lady appeared in the doorway clutching the rooster by the feet. Delighted to hear that we had a carrier, they stuffed him in and off we went.

5 minutes later he was in the coop, crowing to announce his arrival. 5 minutes after that he was out on the lawn in the middle of his new harem.

Maybe we'll call him Floyd- he certainly is a pretty boy. 


In Real Life said...

Neat-o! I bet Floyd is thrilled with his new home!

Blogger won't let me comment on your last post for some reason: I think those shutters are a wonderful find. I also think you are absolutely right: "One of the secrets to a happy marriage. Humoring your spouse about things you consider unimportant, but they don't."

knitwit said...

The thing I love best about blogging is that you get to see what life is like in someone else's neck of the woods. Free roosters--who knew?! Love it!

Captain Dumbass said...

Free roosters? Not something you'd see around here.