Monday, April 19, 2010

Slow Going

I'm still putting stuff away after last week, and finally think we've caught up. Sunday J and I drove down to Portland to meet two of his sisters for lunch, one with her husband and one with two of her children. My nephew goes to the College of Art there, and the others had been in NH to watch another nephew and his wife compete in the Tuckerman Inferno Pentathalon which consists of 5 legs: 8.3 mile Run, 6 mile Kayak, 18 mile Bike, 3 mile Hike, 1 mile Ski.  They are part of a 5 person team, and they did the bike and kayak pieces.  Due to our miserable weather on Saturday, the race was postponed until Sunday, so the spectators of the family came over afterward. It was nice to see them and Matt showed us some of the pieces he has been working on in the school. We had a good time, but the huge sandwiches we had made us disinclined to do any work when we got home. On the plus side, we didn't need dinner either.

Ameranth has been checking in each day and her trip is going....okay. The walking is fine, but the trail has been less than expected, and she has had to walk along busy roads more than she'd like. Plus, no more places to stay in the near future, and due to construction detours, etc she has not ended up near any campgrounds.  Still working out the kinks, and she has called to have me check out some stuff for her online. One of the downsides of being poor and having a phone that is only a phone and has no GPS or Internet capabilities.  Anyone out there know someone west of Schenectady who would let a nice girl camp on their lawn? 


In Real Life said...

It sounds like you had a nice get together with family!

I hope things go well with Ameranth and that the trail is nicer up ahead and she finds great places to stay!

knitwit said...

I hope she finds somewhere to stay! For her and you--it's almost worse to be the mom worrying at home!