Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It started out fine

Ameranth and I had a jam-packed day Monday and it started out great. We found unexpected great buys, and were quickly marking things off her to-do list. Home for lunch and found out that her sleeping bag does not fit into the pocket of her new woman's pack.  Off to more stores for electronic gear and found a wonderful bargain on a slim camera.

We did have to wait while the poor clerk searched for the box since the display model was the only one left. As she looked under the counter, she told us of her chest pains she had all afternoon, and how she was worrying about whether to go the ER, even though her Dr. thought it was indigestion. We commiserated and I started having sympathy pains(it was wicked stuffy in the store) and wondered guiltily if it was terrible to want her to get us the camera before we encouraged her to see a Dr? (She did have coworkers come to check on her, and I believe she was leaving)

Back home for dinner, and Ameranth started looking through her mass of paperwork for Anna's rabies certificate, since she is going in for shots today, and wanted to prove she had a 3-year shot last year.  No paperwork- apparently Anna randomly chews paperwork, and it seems to be just her papers she goes for. We assume she ate them, so Ameranth went off worrying that the vet will yell at her for not having that documentation.

Okay, then on to taxes, but she cannot find her W2, which she was sure was in that stack of papers she grabbed off the kitchen table. We are now awaiting word from Sectaurs as to whether he can find it, and hoping that it wasn't thrown away. She's counting on that refund money!  Did I mention before that we are scheduled to go to RI tomorrow, and then she is leaving Saturday on her walky walk?

Ameranth goes up to bed, disgruntled and distracted, and I am wide awake until 3 am. Did I mention that she's an adult and can do what she wants, even if that's walking across NY state, and on to CA if it works out?  Yeah. Although she did point out to her father that Ms M went to the developmentally-challenged former Soviet Union (Wiki told me 'third-world country' is a disparaged term now- who knew?) state of Moldova with the Peace Corps and at least she (Ameranth) is traveling where people speak her language.  "Touche" her father replied. (I wonder how you make the little accent marks so touche doesn't look wrong?)

Anyhoo, she's back from the vet now and they did not take her word for it that it was a 3 year shot, but they were nice and Anna is healthy and good to go.  Her equipment: harness, pack and collapsible bowls are all ready of course- She's that kind of dog.


In Real Life said...

Anna is beautiful! It sounds like things are getting organized for Ameranth's big trip! Wow! I can't wait to read her first post!

Captain Dumbass said...

Whenever I have to use a word that has accents I cheat by googling it and then copy pasting it.

Our little secret.