Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm a bad doggie mama

As I was reading this blog today, in which the author admits he and his wife have gone "soft" on their 3rd child, I was being harassed by Boomer, who kept trying different toys to see if I would throw one.

"Oh, you don't like the rubber bone, wait, wait, I have this ball that I can bounce over and over at your feet! No? How about this squeaky thing that I can wedge between your hip and the chair, and then make it squeak? Okay, then I will drop it and lie down, growling continuously and menacingly until you look down. No problem. I can do this all day."

Boomer was supposed to be a companion dog for Rosie, after Ameranth and Anna moved out. Instead, he craves human interaction, which is normal you might say. We didn't realize how good we had it with Rosie. She is a husky mix, independent, sneaky and an escape artist, but that is all offset by the fact that she can chill out on the couch and doesn't fetch balls. At one time I thought a dog who fetched was the epitome of doggy/human fun, but not anymore, thanks to Boomer the Manic Fetcher. To say he is hyper is putting it mildly. He gets sooo excited at the idea of fetching that he has trouble giving it back to you, compounded by his irrational fear that Rosie will steal it from him. Actually, he is a stereotypical sitcom younger sibling who wants all the attention, all of the time, and frantically bounces on top of any other dog around.

The upshot of this mix is that we treat them like dogs, that is, we feed them premium food, clean water, treats when they come and go as directed, and put them out in a large fenced in yard. They don't sleep with us, in fact don't come in our bedroom, but I admit that they now have more furniture in our living room than we do, thanks to Ameranth's stuff.  Plus she left Anna's toy bucket here, and our two have been in doggy heaven with the novelty of new things to chew. This is our living room this morning.

Anna's chair, covered with the ubiquitous sheet:

Rosie enjoys having a chair there again, as she can see out the windows to cover both roads. Boomer was hopping anywhere I pointed the camera.

They now have the dog chair, two doggie beds and the couch. J and I each have a chair. We are officially doggy-whipped. And, what you ask, was Rosie doing while Boomer posed for me?

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In Real Life said...

They are both so cute! I love how Boomer poses for the camera. Rosie is so regal! My son really enjoyed the pictures too!