Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Days off

J had to use up his vacation days this month, so took Friday, Monday and today off. Yesterday we drove around a lot, going to Freeport in the morning, and to Augusta later to scrap some metal- a first for us.  Having read in the paper about Rt. 9 being widened in Lisbon, we checked out the carnage work done so far.  Dozens of huge trees have been cut and front yards cut in half.  What had been a tree-lined road is now stump-lined and bare dirt back 50 feet in places.
In some areas there are new stone walls obviously bulldozed into place. 
By the way, it was one lane at this point, J really wasn't just wandering over into the left lane. I felt so bad for the homeowners in this next picture, looks like a big lilac clump was cut down, as well as their trees. 

Happier news concerning the scrapping. We got rid of a snowblower attachment for our old tractor, a push mower, a grill and old lamp and made $24. But the big score was the 24 pounds of woven copper wire from our old lightning rod system- $61 for that. Well worth the trip.

More cleaning up today and this afternoon we take the dogs in for their shots. I picked a day when J could help and I could take one in at a time. I am ashamed to say that we have not clipped Boomer's nails since we got him. He's hyper and the nails are tiny and black. There is no way that wouldn't end badly. I am hoping the vet will do it for me today. 

 We've had a good time the last few days, puttering and visiting and driving. I have even been able to move my bedtime up and get up earlier. Boy, the days are sure longer when you get up before 10!


In Real Life said...

That is too bad about the ugliness of the road building, I feel sorry for the homeowners too!

It sounds like a really enjoyable couple of days off! I love times like that!

Captain Dumbass said...

Ten? Ten? Can I send my kids to stay with you?

Linda said...

Hey, I did my time of getting up before dawn and harassing kids to get moving!